Eric F. M. Araujo

Professor at the Federal University of Lavras, at the Computer Science Department.

Visitor Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, at the Social AI Group.


Python is a perfect tool for researches and presents many packages for social network analysis, data mining and web crawling.

Behavior Dynamics and Social Contagion

Studying people's behavior is based on observation, understanding and prediction of actions, feelings, opinions or possible traits of people. Social contagion is part of this equation.

Social Networks

The effect of social media and relationships in the process of social contagion can take advantage of social networks analysis, and then combined with computational models.

Text Mining

Text mining is the technique of training a machine to interpret and classify texts. My work focus specifically in political texts and aggression.

Web Media

Web media involves scrapping, crawling, structuring and mainly getting data from the web.


One of my passions is to make good photos. Street photography is the one that attracts me more. Part of my photos can be found on Flickr.

Projects & Publications

Check my main projects here

SocialCom 2016
ICCCI 2016
Complex Networks 2016
Social Informatics 2015